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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

I make kimonos and other types of wearable art for many fascinating people, all of whom deserve to tell their own stories. I've decided to include their own writing and stories as part of my blog . Storytelling is a massive part of what I do.

I'm pleased to start this with the dapper Derek.

Derek is a 52 year old sometime model, actor and troublemaker. He loves his dogs, expects authenticity in his heroes and looks forward to the zombie apocalypse, when he can dress as a pirate and carry a sword.

I've commissioned three pieces from Diane over the last couple of years; kimonos featuring Freddie Mercury and Prince respectively and a painting of Kurt Cobain on the back of a leather jacket. What can I say beyond "wow?" Not only is the standard of her artistry amazing but the overall design of the pieces is just beautiful. Each piece captures something of the essence of the artist concerned. They are treasured possessions and I feel honoured to own them. I'm pretty sure that Freddie himself would have approved.

Man wearing hand made art kimono
What a handsome man with his dogs.

Man wearing Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Kimono
The back of Derek's Freddie Mercury kimono

Woman wearing a Prince themed handmade art kimono
Lisa, Derek's partner , wearing her bespoke Prince themed art kimono

Hand painted leather jacket with Kurt Cobain image and sacred heart
The back of Derek's hand painted Kurt Cobain leather jacket

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