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The Bespoke Process


"So how can I get my own piece of wearable art? “I hear you ask.


It’s easy. First decide on the length of your robe. I offer crop (waist length) jacket (hip length) coat (calf length) or full length.

Next choose a sleeve style: straight, square (regular kimono sleeve) or empress (floor length, grand sleeves)


Standard, slim cut or generous. (Standard fits up to UK 22, slim cut up to UK 14, generous up to UK 30)


Now for the fun bit, setting the mood of your piece with a colour palette.  What colours make you feel good when you look at them? What colours make your soul sing? Those are your colours. I also work in monochrome (black and white and sometimes black on black with texture, so colour phobes, do not despair!)


Now for imagery, tell your story, portrait, heroes, personal mythology, you as a mythical creature? Mottos, poems, words? The only limit is your imagination. Sometimes people like to create lists, sometimes mood boards via Pinterest. Do it your way.

Then let me take over. I’ll tune in and create your magical piece.


Most pieces take up to a week to complete. There is a waiting list but I’m a fast worker so it’s not too long.

Please get in touch sooner rather than later for pieces that are time sensitive (wedding robes / birthday gifts etc).

Once completed, payment is by PayPal or bank transfer and your piece of art will be posted out to you, signed and tracked or via courier.

Consultation is by email / messenger    or FaceTime. I’m too busy to fit in personal consultations these days.

Prices for bespoke vary depending on complexity / time taken. It's not a cheap process but it is a unique service that is totally personal . Your piece will be hand painted. It is truly the same as wearing a painting from an art gallery.

I am open to payment plans that make this service more accessible to you. 

Your piece will never go out of style and no one else will have anything like it.

Email me on:

Or direct message via Instagram:



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