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Guest Blog post: Sophie Buchanan

I was lucky enough to have an Aunt who used to work with Diane.

I have many fond childhood memories of her and her family. She always wore such wonderful, colourful clothes.

As the world of Facebook came in, we became Facebook friends. Since then I have followed Diane's creative adventures. It's like an Alice in Wonderland mix of creativity and activism. I love the work she does with smashing the patriarchy and her opinions on the world. She is a force of nature! I saw Diane's Style like U video

and knew I wanted this woman to create me something that I would feel fierce in. I waited until I had an occasion - my wedding!

I commissioned a Kimono and a Neckpiece.

Hand made art wedding kimono and decorative art collar
Sophie's wedding kimono and neck piece

I love her creative style - it is so freeing and the process of working out what I wanted was interesting: What colours? what things did I like? what feel did I want for the ensemble? Then she took all these ideas and wove her magic.

When it arrived, I cried happy tears that something so beautiful and so.... ME could happen in the real world and not just in my dreams! I felt amazing wearing it. Everyone commented on how fabulous it was. The face in the mermaid in the neck piece was me!

My mum was shocked at how accurate it is. It felt amazing to wear something so special and unique on my wedding day.

Bride wearing alternative wedding outfit kimono and art collar
Mr and Mrs Buchanan.

After that I was hooked, constantly looking at other items that spoke to my soul. I have the wedding kimono and neckpiece hung in my bedroom as it is so special.

I needed something for everyday wear.

That is when I bought the black Medusa kimono

Black hand made art kimono with Medusa goddess art
Black Universal Medusa kimono

and the jacket with skulls on the back. When I wear this kimono, it feels like a hug.

Festival woman wearing kimono
Sophie in her element

I feel like a warrior. It makes me feel strong and beautiful. I feel blessed to have such creative inspiration in my life. Every time I look at my pieces of wearable art, I notice something else, a little detail I hadn't taken in . It is also inspiring me to look at my own creativity and get my Grandma's sewing machine out. Thank you Diane, and please keep creating!

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