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Gilding a lily:The making of Tank's kimono

Sometimes in life you come across people who just make you feel right down to your toes. I got that feeling when my daughter and I stumbled across this performance by the New Orleans band Tank and the Bangas one evening.(video below) My daughter took one look at this force of nature of a woman heading this incredible band and simply said: Mum , she needs one of your kimonos. A few months later , this came to pass.

Through social media, and our mutual connection through the StyleLikeU platform, we connected and I created a very special kimono for Tarriona ( Tank). It features a portrait of her on the back with her glorious crown of hair depicted in sparkly black lurex, hand painted features and appliqued butterflies flying out of her singing mouth. This was a very deliberate reference to my favourite song of theirs : Rollercoasters , where she sings It's the butterflies and the fireflies fighting in my stomach ( the light between their wings).

Tank and the Bangas art kimono by Diane Goldie
The back detail of Tank's kimono

I was thrilled to receive a very excited video reaction from Tank and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to hand it over to her. I got that opportunity a few weeks later as they were due to do a surprise concert at the Curtain Hotel.

Things didn't go quite to plan as the band had a nightmare of a journey, with delayed flights and lost luggage , meaning that the band finally took to the stage around 11pm with no stage clothes, except the kimono that I had brought along.

I can't quite express the words to tell of my excitement to see Tank singing on stage wearing the kimono I had made for her. Yes , I cried.

Afterwards I was invited backstage to meet the band and give Tank a hug.

Tarriona Ball ( Tank) and Diane Goldie in kimonos
Tank and I backstage in our finery

Diane Goldie and Tank of the Bangas wearing portrait kimonos
We are two goddesses with our faces on our backs

When I say it was a night to remember... oh it certainly was. I got to chat with gorgeous Jelly and charming Norm, and I've made them kimonos too, I've got another three to make for the other band members that I will hand over when I next see them at the Electric Ballroom gig in February ( already have my tickets!) .

Jelly from Tank and the Bangas kimono
Cropped kimono with Jelly as Medusa

Men's kimono with Norm from Tank and the Bangas
Norm's handsome kimono

And... they've just released a brand new single called Spaceships.

Check them out and see just why I love them so.

to be continued....

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