From a whim to dream come true : creating the kimonos for Tank and the Bangas

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

From the moment I handed over the bespoke kimono to Tarriona " Tank " Ball , the dynamo poet/ singer/goddess who is the nucleus around which the band members The Bangas revolve , I had no idea where this simple gesture of admiration and connection would lead . She would go on to wear it throughout the year , in videos and on stage and it became a part of the stage show as you can see from the message and playful photo above . It made my heart soar to hear, yet again , the garment makes the wearer feel protected and empowered . I'm starting to embrace the concept that somehow I embue a spiritual aspect into the art in the process of making in a state of presence . I've heard repeatedly that people say my kimonos are medicine for the soul .

But I digress ...

While chatting to other band members backstage , Jelly and Norman , they asked if I'd make them one too .That was a no brainer , really . Of course . Then Norman suggested that the entire band would look great in one each on stage . He ran the idea past Tank , and it was approved and my mission was set : to make a bespoke portrait kimono for each of these incredibly talented musicians that make up The Bangas . By the time I'd completed these kimonos , it was clear that Tank needed a new one too .

So fast forward six months or so and I had finished the job. Imagine my excitement to hand the kimonos over the day before their London gig ! They were thrilled and I was treated to rib squashing bear hugs and made to feel the love .

It was important for me as an artist working in presence , to be represented by other artists with a matching vibe . They have it and more : New Orleans grit ,fun and realness , soul piercing spoken word and lyrics supported by a heavy jazz / rock / soul groove that is uniquely Bangas . No one else makes music like them and I've not found anyone who works in the same vein as me ... yet . They move and delight me in a way that is hard to describe .

So you can imagine the chills I got seeing this ...

What a night ! I'll never forget it .

To order your own , head over to the ABOUT section of this website and click on CONTACT. Have a read of the BESPOKE section first, so you can get a good idea of the process.

Bespoke full length hand painted kimonos cost from £380.

UPDATE : orders are coming in now so there will be waiting list system set in place. But your very own bespoke kimono is worth the wait.

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