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Drawstring unisex cotton trousers , one size , each pair made with a specific intention : peace. These have been made as a moving prayer , every step taken , a step of intention for peace.

The virgin of Guadalupe: a pregnant Madonna suggesting the birth of a new way . The back is trimmed with elephant braid, a nod to the god Ganesha , remover of obstacles. Back patch pockets , made in coordinating Dutch wax prints. .

The Shining Stag : an ancient symbol of leading in a new way , with a spiritual aspect and a healthy form of masculinity. Made in two draping cottons , trimmed with ribbons and a Dutch wax cotton strip . Pockets are side inset.

The Tiger ( wild and free)

A call for courage and authenticity , returning to the core , wild self . Monochrome tiger print cotton is combined with strips of Ankara print and trimmed with sequin and fringing. Back patch pockets. Tiger appliqués on the front .

All trousers are of these dimensions:

Max waist ( before pulling up drawstring) 50”

Inside leg 28”

Outside leg ( to top of waistband)38”


Peace Prayer Pants

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