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This is a very special , unique ( 1 of 1) robe created automatically through divine instruction . In an empty head flow state I followed the whispers and with no decisions having to be made , I created this piece that speaks of entering a new dimension , a new earth . The Angel above the lightning heralds a message : Fear Not! The moon above the earth is lit up with iridescence, cosmic eyes declare clarity and ward off bad energy, praying hands hold the sacred moment . The eye in the lotus speaks of having achieved this new state through growing out of the dark mulch of struggle and contrast . Surrounded by angels and flowers , we step into a new way of being.

Made of soft black terry jersey with sequin detail that suggests the cloak of the night sky , and trimmed in a silky embroidered and sequinned floral black fabric that ties it all together . Patch pockets on the front .

Chest/ hip 52” max measurements.

Fear Not ( the whisper)

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