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3 Dragonflies

A shimmer of a lightweight robe made from reclaimed saree .

The first time I looked death straight in the face was with my dear daddy. This was a moment of great spiritual growth and clarity for me. The words shouting in my head as I searched for his essence was : Do It Now!

Later as I spread his ashes along the riverbank where he fished , three dragonflies hovered over the ashes.

Today I recalled this moment as I created this robe . I looked up the meaning of the dragonfly and I was astonished at the result.: a change in perspective of self realisation, living in the moment and I’ve always been obsessed with iridescence and to see that this relates to unmasking and finding your true self under the constructs is deeply moving.

Chest : 58”


Sleeve length:24”

3 Dragonflies

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