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Time to start anew

So much has happened since I first declared I AM AN ARTIST a mere 5 years ago over on Facebook and the Universe started me on this extraordinary #arttowear journey.

It's been a journey of surrender, loss, risk and pain but along the way I've discovered who I really am underneath the construction of who I believed I was, which is a place I believe every woman deserves to get to. I aim to help other women find this place through the process of wearing their hopes, heroes/ sheroes, passions, politics and I aim to help women to stop apologising for themselves and embrace their full power and goddess potential. #Goddess #Kimonos are becoming a thing, and this makes me happy. I'm happy to make.

My work is #political and #feminist and #spiritual.

Since losing my daughter, I've been forced to face the channeling aspect of my work. I now embrace it. I am no longer afraid of the mystery. She was in such despair about the state of this world and could no longer bear it. I'm not going to rest until I make a difference for young people like her.

I am a warrior for peace.

I will give voice to the voiceless through my #toofuckinghonest propensity.

I am angry with the Patriarchal system that fails women and boys and betrays the humanity of men.

It's time to speak up.

#metoo and I could bet on the chances it's #youtoo as well.

It's time.

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