Alma Ha'rel portrait art kimono

The Bespoke Process


So how do you go about ordering your own original piece of wearable art?  It's easier than you think.


First choose your garment, be it kimono , waistcoat, dress, blazer, coat etc.


Choose your mood for the garment, by this I mean, the colours and the general theme of the piece: What aspect of your character do you want to express? What are your passions, your heros/sheros/ personal folklore?


Are you an artist and want your own imagery on your clothing? No problem. Do you like words? Have a favourite motto or poem? That can be included too.


For any garment other than kimonos I shall need your measurements. After an email , personal ( if you live in or near London you can book a free consultation on this website)  or social media consultation/conversation, I make the garment for you. 

. Once it is complete, I post it out to you after payment via Paypal.


It's that simple.


My job is to make your wearable art dreams come true. Alternatively, if you have a favourite garment that is looking for a new lease of life, I can customize it with any image or theme you fancy. Hand painted leather jackets are a speciality.

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